Northgate Warwick

A major restoration and creation of eighteen elegant houses in this landmark, quintessentially English location.

The next phase launch will be over the early Bank Holiday weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the 30th April to the 1st May from 10am to 5pm.


March 24 2017

Northgate Place Showhome

With excellent progress on site, we are pleased to say that we are on course for the launch of the new Showhome at 1 Northgate Place for the early May Bank holiday. This will be for the release of 1, 2 and 3 Northgate Place, and possibly 20 and 22 Northgate Street. Opening times over the weekend are to be confirmed, but will be sure to keep you informed.  

February 23 2017

Early Spring Update

Following the successful marketing of the properties offered for sale in 2016, we look forward to inviting people into the next show home which is being planned at No 1 Northgate Place, on the corner of Northgate Street.  Meanwhile, the creation of the terraces, walls and garden to the rear of the listed terrace continues apace and the new build cottages fronting The Butts are coming on nicely.

December 01 2016

New Showhome

We were thrilled to launch number 16 as our new Showhome a couple of weeks ago. A very busy few weekends saw both 12 and 16 being sold, so we are pleased to announce to launch of our new Showhome at 14 Northgate Street on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December.

October 12 2016

Autumn Update

The scaffold is now down from 12, 14 and 16, and we hope to have our next phase launch very soon. Progress on site is going well, with the scaffold also coming down on the Northgate Place houses. Our new showhome will be 16 Northgate Street, a house really quite different in style to the earlier Georgian houses; following the launch we look forward to showing you around very soon.  

July 31 2016

Summer update

We were thrilled with the reception our development got locally following our laumch.  We had over 700 visitors and were delighted to secure the sale of the show home.  The overwhelming feedback is that people want finished houses and are impressed by the Ash Mill quality.  We'll be launching the next two finished houses and new show home in September and we'll be sure to keep you posted.

March 31 2016

May bank holiday open weekend

Work is now fully underway on the later stages of Northgate Street and at Northgate Place in earnest. The shells, show home and 12 and 14 Northgate Street are really beginning to take shape and we look forward to welcoming our first visitors on the early May Bank Holiday. Details of the first release houses will be posted very soon.

February 25 2016

Interior designer selected for show house

We are pleased to announce that Gramlick Designs have been selected as our interior designer. With the official launch date of Saturday 30th April in sight, it is all hands to the pump in getting number 10 ready as the show house. Chanelle and the team are hard at work taking measurements and making the initial preparations. Meanwhile, the scaffolding has now moved down the street unveiling the newly restored facades to numbers 4, 6, 8 and 10.

January 31 2016

We have our launch date!

With progress on site going according to plan, we are pleased to announce our official launch date for the Northgate Street houses of Saturday 30th April. For those early enquiries we will offer the properties from early March on an exclusive pre-launch basis. More to follow soon!

December 23 2015

Ready for the Pre-Launch in early January

Work on site is still progressing well. The road and landscaping works are really beginning to bring the site to life, and the shells are on course for an early pre-release to those who have been kind enough to enquire at this early stage early next year. We can’t wait to get started on the marketing.

November 24 2015

Extensions are built and the windows are in

The shells at 4, 6 and 8 Northgate Street are nearing completion. The first limited release of the shells will be as soon as the scaffold is down at the front to gain safe access. The extensions are transforming the houses and with the windows being fitted, the houses are beginning to take shape. The gardens walls are going up and the gardens and parking levels formed.


October 30 2015

It's Taking Shape

The project timeline is still on course, and progress is good. It’s exciting watching them take shape. The contractors are building round from the top end of Northgate Street, towards Northgate Place and The Butts. We projected finishing date for the entire scheme is December 2016, and the show house still early next year.

September 28 2015

Progress continues

Progress on site continues as planned. Messenger Construction's meticulous attention to detail, blending authentic materials with state-of-art processes are bringing the houses alive. We are still on course for the first limited release shells shortly, and the show house and full launch early in 2016.

August 28 2015

Rain doesn't stop play

Despite the poor summer weather, work on the shells at, 4, 6 and 8 Northgate Street is on schedule and exciting to finally see the new houses being formed. With everything running according to plan, with no unforeseen issues, we look on course to have the shells ready for sale in the next couple of months.

July 31 2015

Rear construction begins

With the front exterior scaffolded, the construction works is also proceeding on the rear, with the careful demolition and strip-out work, as well as the separation of the terrace into once again single houses.  

June 26 2015

Scaffolding goes up

Work is now getting fully underway, with the scaffolding of the street for phase one. This goes from 4 to 18 Northgate Street and with everything going smoothly is likely to be in place until October this year.

May 28 2015

Work starts on site

We are delighted to have awarded the construction contract to Messenger Construction. A specialist heritage firm based in Stamford, Messenger have a wealth of experience in restoring significant historical buildings. With a project completion date of December 2016, we are pleased to have finally started onsite.

April 29 2015

Progress on the street

Some of the major underground service work has now been complete, bringing the services to each individual property. Our discussions with our chosen contractor are almost concluded, ready to start onsite in May.

March 02 2015

We're underway with No.2

Final discussions with the numerous and various contractors are close to being concluded, so Ash Mill hopes to start on site imminently.

With the new large brick and slate garage block and boundary wall completed, and with so much interest in the scheme, we are now offering number 2 Northgate Street for sale in its ‘raw’ form.  We won’t be bringing this house to the open market, rather more offering it to the patient early enquirers.  This will give the purchaser a wonderful opportunity to buy one of the best houses in the development, which they can finish to their own tastes and specifications.  Their very own Grand Designs project!

February 02 2015

We're preparing

Since the site was purchased, there has been a lot going on in the background.  After local consultations and discussions with various interested parties, Ash Mill obtained planning permission and Listed Building consent for the scheme.  Work to ensure the environment of any wildlife was protected was then completed, along with the interesting and extensive archaeology work.

The unsightly 1930’s office block has been demolished, and the general levels formed.